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In the year 2000, Hair Las Olas was founded.  For nine years, the salon was just off Las Olas Boulevard.  A cozy place that all the locals knew and the business enjoyed a comfortable atmosphere which continued to grow over the years.

On September 1st of 2009, the salon relocated to the main boulevard. With our wonderful new space, it puts us right in the middle of all the action of Las Olas.  We are on the same block as the famous Floridian diner and just minutes from downtown and walking distance to the beach! 


Book an appointment today, take a moment to relax in our salon, and let our stylist bring out the beauty in you. Our team at Hair Las Olas is dedicated to providing outstanding professional service with quality to match. With so many salons on the street, don't confuse us with any other. As you will see, Hair Las Olas is a truly unique experience.

 Straight edge artist, skin fades, taperering, fades, barber, men's haircuts


Owner / Master Barber / Sraight edge artist    


With 17 years in the practice and 12 years at Hair Las Olas, Edgar has separated himself from the average barber. As one of our client's recently reviewed on foursquare.com, "Edgar is now on par with the best in N.Y.C and L.A.".... He has an extensive client base ranging from the meticulous international elite businessman, to the younger hip generation always looking for the sharpest skin fades and latest styles.  He even has a following of loyal female clients! You can make an appointment with Edgar online right now! 



Esthetician and Wax Specialist


I am a person who truly believes that beauty comes from within. As a professional Esthetician and Wax Specialist, I help women enhance their outer beauty which in turn helps to bring out their inner confidence. It may be something as simple as tinting and reshaping their brows, but the difference is astonishing. The key to shaping great brows is working with what each individual has and enhancing what’s there. No stencils, no trends. Eyebrows are like sister’s, not twins… We do the best we can with what we have! I get enormous gratification having someone look in the mirror and feel fantastic about the way they look.

I am a Californian by birth but having spent most of my youth in Colorado, that is where I call home. I have now lived in S. Florida for 10 years, and I’m excited about the clients I have met and the ways I have grown personally and professionally. I feel great about all the experiences that have led me to where I am now, and I look forward to continuing my passion of helping women feel beautiful.